The Long-Term Vision for AAHP

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Market Research Roundup

By Eric Foxman, AAHP secretary October 1, 2017 The last weeks have seen a number of market research studies published that provide background, analysis, and forecasts for homeopathic market development and growth. The fact that so many reports are now available acknowledges the potential of the homeopathic products segment. All the reports are available forRead More >

Belladonna: A Clinical Snapshot

By Todd Hoover, MD September 1, 2017 The original proving of belladonna was conducted by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who found it to become a commonly used medicine. Dr. Hahnemann described prophylactic effects of the medicine when used in treatment for scarlet fever. Interestingly, he discovered the potential prophylactic effect during an outbreak of scarlet fever,Read More >

When Anti-Homeopathy Skeptics Strike

By Deborah Kelly and Alissa Gould, PR Managers, Boiron USA September 1, 2017 It’s typical for skeptics to fire away at anyone who posts or tweets positively about homeopathy. As manufacturers of homeopathic medicines, AAHP member companies are sometimes the target of such criticism, especially if they have an online presence. Why Not to EngageRead More >

Stability Considerations of Homeopathic Drugs

By Mary Beth Watkins, AAHP vice president July 1, 2017 The history of homeopathy has demonstrated that many homeopathic tinctures and low-potency dosage forms are remarkably stable. Archived homeopathic tinctures and potencies, when tested after years of storage, typically retain the essential and identifiable characteristics of the original tincture. While many botanical tinctures and chemicalRead More >

Communications Best Practices: Anticipating Questions

By Alissa Gould, public relations manager, Boiron USA July 1, 2017 Since April 2017, AAHP has offered a series of articles on good communication practices that can be applied to conversations with retailers, doctors, regulators, or reporters. You are surely aware of typical questions on homeopathy, but this gives you an advantage to be prepared.Read More >

Delivering Key Messages

By Alissa Gould, public relations manager, Boiron USA June 1, 2017 Building on April and May 2017 articles on preparing for important communications and developing key messages, this article will focus on delivering those messages. Now that you have a mental road map of where you want to drive the conversation with a retailer, doctor,Read More >

Developing Key Messages

By Alissa Gould, public relations manager, Boiron USA May 1, 2017 Last month (April 2017), I shared an article on being prepared and asking the right questions for media interviews or other situations. This article builds on reviewing communications basics by discussing message development. Whether you are meeting a retailer or health care professional, talkingRead More >

Be Prepared: Media Basics for the Non-PR Expert

By Alissa Gould, public relations manager, Boiron USA April 1, 2017 As more people discover the benefits of homeopathic medicines, our industry may become a larger target for skeptics or media struggling to attract an audience through sensationalized stories. This, unfortunately, is a growing pain of success. Whether you work in operations and manufacturing, medicalRead More >

Outlook 2017

By Mark Land, AAHP President March 1, 2017 2017 is shaping up to be a year in motion—both for our industry and our country. With a new Administration and Congress, continued effects of 2016 statements and warnings from federal agencies, and even personnel transitions within these agencies, 2017 will be full of changes, for betterRead More >