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TJL Enterprises

TJL Enterprises Inc.

5353 E. 2nd Street, Suite 208

Long Beach, CA 90803

Contact: Jacqueline Lawrence


Fax: 480-247-4342

Founded in 2004 by Jacqueline Lawrence, TJL Enterprises is a leader in homeopathic digestive care products for children. Developed for her own child; Colic Calm has been used safely and successfully by over one million babies worldwide and is available at over 15,000 retail locations throughout the US. Tummy Calm is the leading natural alternative to simethicone gas drops for babies and toddlers.

Our marketing focusses on educating consumers and developing relationships with pediatricians and other medical professionals. Our brands occupy premium position in their respective categories, differentiating based on quality, efficacy and word-of-mouth rather than cost. Consumers prefer our products because they are the most effective as well as being derived from natural sources. We leverage the expertise of the homeopathic industry for manufacturing according to the GMP standards in FDA registered facilities.

TJL Enterprises is continuously striving to provide the highest quality solutions for natural digestive care. Digestive discomfort is an increasingly common concern among all ages, so we are expanding our knowledge and expertise to help toddlers, older children and adults as well.