Nutraceutical Corporation

Nutraceutical Corporation

bioAllers and NatraBio a division of Nutraceutical Corporation
1500 Kearns Boulevard
Park City, Utah 84060

Nutraceutical is one of the nation’s largest manufacturers and marketers of quality branded nutritional supplements sold to health and natural foods stores. Nutraceutical’s leadership role in science, product development, quality and compliance has made it a strong supporter of the natural products industry and key industry trade associations. Nutraceutical has recently acquired the homeopathic product brands NatraBio and bioAllers and is proud to add these to its many natural products brands. With the acquisition of the homeopathic product brands Nutraceutical welcomes the opportunity to become a member of the AAHP and to participate in the growth and support of this important natural product category.

NatraBio products have been manufactured and sold in health food stores and natural markets for over 30 years. Since its inception, NatraBio has become one of the most respected brands in the natural products industry dedicated to a deep philosophical commitment to the science and growth of homeopathy and adherence to strict pharmaceutical quality standards. NatraBio continues to provide innovative and convenient homeopathic products as tablets, liquids, syrups, nasal sprays and topical dosage forms for a wide range of symptoms and conditions.

bioAllers has been the leader in homeopathic allergy treatment for over 15 years. The bioAllers products provide homeopathic medicines with targeted homeopathic allergens called “allersodes” selected to treat specific allergies and their symptoms. This line of products in liquid, fast dissolving tablets and nasal sprays provides convenient natural allergy relief.

The homeopathic category has shown steady growth and increasing acceptance by consumers and presents a new area for business growth. Nutraceutical sees the addition of this important natural product category as consistent with its philosophy of innovation, education and quality and an opportunity to further expand the benefits of homeopathy and symptom relief to its many loyal consumers.