The American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists is the trade organization of the American homeopathic industry. Our not-for-profit alliance of homeopathic manufacturers, marketers and pharmacists/individuals represents the main body of manufacturing and distributing companies in the U.S., with connections to other manufacturers overseas. The AAHP was founded in 1923 and has decades of experience representing the interests of the homeopathic industry.

The association is a single strong working coalition for the homeopathic market. Numerous specialty product manufacturers provide industry diversity while still contributing to a unified association voice on regulatory and market issues. This alliance of the industry’s many participants and their active involvement in our common affairs is an indicator of the health of this growing industry which is mirrored in continuing sales growth and renewed interest in homeopathic drug products.

The AAHP serves the entire homeopathic community by promoting excellence in the practice of homeopathic pharmacy, manufacturing, and distribution. The association has taken a strong leadership role for the homeopathic products industry by providing industry seminars as a part of its Compliance Through Education program. The AAHP maintains an appropriate regulatory and legislative climate with governmental bodies by promoting positive relations, beneficial legislation, and the prestige of the industry. And we provide opportunities for market development and market growth by promoting homeopathy to consumers.

All persons engaged in the development, research, manufacture, distribution, marketing, and sales of homeopathic drug products have a unique responsibility to the public seeking alleviation of suffering, restoration of health and protection against disease. Physicians, pharmacists, patients and consumers depend upon our members’ integrity to provide safe, reliable, and efficacious products, correct and honest information and dedicated, sincere, and professional service.

The members of the AAHP support the Principle of Similars; we support the manufacture, distribution, marketing, and sales according to all applicable regulations and guidelines, including but not limited to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, the Code of Federal Regulations, the FDA Compliance Policy Guide and all appropriate current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) and labeling requirements. Members concur to manufacture, distribute, market, and sell only those homeopathic drug products that uphold the reputation, integrity, and growth of homeopathy in the United States.

Association members pledge to maintain a level of professional competence by promoting training and education, and by respecting the values of competitors and recognizing differences of viewpoint or philosophy. AAHP members act with honesty, integrity, and sincerity in all professional relationships, and agree to conduct marketing activities using accurate information and fair balance.

The AAHP has grown over 90 years from a small group of like-minded pharmacists to an association representing more than half of the homeopathic pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing industry. This growth has come by an emphasis on maintaining and developing product quality and adherence to applicable standards and regulations, through our Compliance Through Education programs. This emphasis and our achievements has been celebrated in a congratulatory letter from Senator Harkin  upon the AAHP 90th Anniversary.